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"Al, it's hard to believe we are celebrating MCC's 20th Anniversary. DuPont and myself personally are deeply indebted to you for your tireless efforts to advance diversity and inclusion in our profession through your publication. Beyond this critical endeavor, MCC has been an incredibly valuable source of information regarding significant trends and developments in the law. So I extend to you a heartfelt thanks and congratulations." Tom Sager, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, DuPont Company

"I read The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel for its breadth and depth of coverage.  It provides welcome and well informed news in the business legal community, which is hard to come by in other publications. The online version especially provides timely information, enabling me easily to share with others who need to know, by forwarding, tweeting or recommending the articles or interviews that will be of interest to colleagues and friends."  Lesley Rosenthal, General Counsel, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts and author, Good Counsel:  Meeting the Legal Needs of Nonprofits

"Based on our August (2011) article in The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, Gibbons P.C. recently co-hosted an executive briefing on "The Rapidly Changing Healthcare Delivery Model: Its Impact on Employers, Providers, Brokers, and Payors." The event attracted more than 300 attendees, representing the various stakeholders in the healthcare delivery system - employers, insurance companies, benefits brokers, economists, educators, hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers." Gibbons P.C.
"As in-house counsel, I’m on a lot of mailing lists for legal periodicals. I thought you should know that I find your publication the most useful and enjoyable to read. (Y)ou give me a really good understanding of what is current across the board in legal developments, and a good feel for the basics of those topics that are relevant to my practice. I find the article style easy to read . . . they’re not chopped up into sound-bytes like a newspaper and the writing isn’t cute or dumbed-down like a lot of bar publications. The writing is serious, technical and direct without getting bogged down or overly formal. The topics you cover are pleasantly diverse. (O)f all the many publications I get as in-house counsel, I’m happiest when I see yours drop into my in-box, and yours is the only one that gets consistent attention from me. Keep up the good work. I like that you’re unconventional . . . but so spot on with substance."  Rob Risley, Senior Counsel, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.
"Kudos from a Twenty-Year Reader: I whole heartedly agree with 'A New Year's Resolution' (January 2011). I receive five professional journals every month and The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel is the best. As a member of the Washington & California bars, I particularly appreciated the Special Section on the West Coast." Clydia J. Cuykendall, Former Associate General Counsel of JCPenney and former General Counsel of Star Enterprise (a Saudi Aramco-Texaco joint venture)
"It is the general consensus among the in-house attorneys I know that your publication is the one we read most closely. Its usefulness to me far exceeds any other in-house counsel-focused publication that I receive. My best endorsement? I read every issue cover to cover and so do all the other in-house lawyers I know."  Lucinda Long, General Counsel, Valley National Bank
“I believe your magazine’s coverage of the Virginia Bar Association’s Corporate Counsel Section has reached many in-house counsel in Virginia and has had a positive impact on visibility for the Section, resulting in increased involvement by members and potential members. Thanks for your good work!”  Mike Beverly, Assistant Secretary and Associate General Counsel, Chesapeake Corporation
“MCC has served my interest as a lawyer in the energy business, the retail business and now the construction and logging business.”  Clydia J. Cuykendall, Of Counsel, Cushman Law Offices, Olympia, WA
"You provided us with the 'bully pulpit' that permitted us to successfully hold two ethics marathons, each attended by more than 500 people.”  Jeff Green, 2002-2003 President, The Greater New York Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel-America
“…a 'one stop shop' for topical issues of interest . . . it helps foster improved partnering between in-house and outside counsel . . . its emphasis on diversity and pro bono activity provides an important service to the community and the profession.”  Lisa A. Whitney, Vice President and General Counsel, Nautica Enterprises, Inc.
“As the role of in-house counsel has become ever more important, The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel has the ability to build upon its impressive reputation and history to continue to serve an even more vital role as the most reliable and useful publication of its kind.” Bill Lytton, General Counsel, Tyco
“Your publication is routinely routed and clipped for special attention of our Law Dept. members. The topics are timely, addressed in a pragmatic and useful style and are of interest to a broad spectrum of practice areas in our Dept. The advertisements are a surprising source of useful information as well, both to litigation support service and legal service.” Bruce Whitney, Ass’t General Counsel – Litigation, Air Products & Chemicals, Inc.
“I read each edition of MCC with great interest and enjoyment. You all do a great job.” Elizabeth Wall, General Counsel, The European Lawyer
“As a practicing corporate counsel, I always turn to reading The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel as soon as it hits my desk because it is one of the very few places where such a wide range of developments in an equally wide number of practice areas are covered.”  Dick Mulroy, Retired General Counsel, MONY
“While we cannot quantify each of the factors that led to this remarkable improvement in performance, there is no doubt that the better promotion of our activities is an important factor. MCC has been a valuable partner in this effort through its promotion of our upcoming events, description of events, chapter president’s column, and interviews.” Steven P. Reynolds, Senior Counsel, Law Dept., Texas Instruments, Inc. and past President, NE Chapter ACC
“MCC has been an invaluable resource for me and my company. Rather than focusing on 'who’s working on what deal' gossip or articles dealing with how our peers get paid, MCC always gets to the heart of substantive issues that in-house counsel are considering or should be considering.” Jeffrey S. Rosenberg, VP and General Counsel, Hagemeyer North America, Alpharetta, GA
“Please continue to send me your terrific magazine!” Raymond E. Bayley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novus Law

“I rely on the MCC publication for relevant information for lawyers written by lawyers regarding today’s compliance issues.” Lonny Rollins, Thomson Reuters

"It’s a great publication.”  Jim Lozier, Dickinson Wright PLLC

"The paper has consistently high-quality commentary from good lawyers and news about the legal profession that is not available anywhere else." John G. Webb, III, JGW, INcounsel
"I'd like to continue receiving The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel in print copy.  It's very useful."  Tyrus H. Thompson (Ty), chief member counsel, Office of General Counsel, Member Counsel Unit, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
"Thanks for all the great articles!" John Huber, FTI Consulting, Forensic and Litigation Consulting Practice
"Keep up the great job!"  Henry N. Butler, GMU Foundation Professor, Executive Director, Law & Economics Center, George Mason University School of Law

" I get value from reading your publication and would appreciate it if you could continue sending it my way." Chris Stern, Contracts Manager, Appain Corporation


"I'm grateful for the publication and definitely would like to continue receiving the paper. Thanks to the Drivers and their staff for this kind contribution to the field." Lawrence K. Mendenhall, Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Humanity United