Monthly Highlights, July/August 2014

Deadlines:  Interviews: June 19  •  Articles: June 23  • Ad Materials: June 24

Hot Button Issues for July 2014:

·       Fallout from Credit Suisse plea

·       Viability of an antitrust claim re:  forced sale of the Clippers

·       Recent Supreme Court decisions

·       Ramifications of FBI’s use of cyber hacker informants like Hector “Sabu” Monsegur

Cover Feature:  TBD

Featured Topics

Employee Benefits: Developments in employee benefits offerings

·       Affordable Care Act – status, economic impact on existing plans, states’ resistance

·       Disclosure issues relating to employee benefits

·       Issues in replacing traditional pension plans with a 401(k) plan


·       Proxy disclosure issues relating to executive pay – including Say-On-Pay

·       Executive compensation and information that should be presented to the board

·       Use of clawbacks

Crisis Management: Enterprise risk management (ERM) plan development and merits

·       Liability risk in the absence of ERM

·       Product recall management and rehabilitation of corporate reputation after a crisis

·       Data breach avoidance and damage mitigation

Social Media:

·       Best practices for regulating use of social media during business hours and beyond

·       Mitigating risks

·       E-Discovery and social media forensics – e.g. challenges of accurate data capture

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

·       ADR vs. litigation – value comparison; effectiveness of a pledge to explore ADR first

·       ADR use in developing countries

·       E-Discovery and early case assessment in transitioning to ADR

Investigations and Audits:

·       Current FCPA and global compliance issues

·       Considerations in selecting in-house/outside investigator and auditor selection

·       Trends in voluntary disclosures

·       Change in revenue recognition rules

Securities and Securities Regulation:  Need for Regulation FD and other issues

Special Report On Pro Bono and Corporate Social Responsibility: Cover:  Executive directors of Lawyers Alliance, Pro Bono Partnership and MFY Legal Services. Law and accounting firms and vendors discuss their commitment to pro bono.

Focus On New Jersey:  Cover:  Spokesperson for Governor’s Office. (To be invited)  Discussion of economic development and job creation initiatives.  

Focus On Pennsylvania: Cover:  Governor Corbett.  Discussion of economic development; job creation initiatives. Economic impact of Marcellus gas production.


Coming in September:

Technology / Telecommunications / Media / Cybersecurity

Focus on Canada and New York

September Deadlines: Interviews: August 18 • Articles: August 20  • Ad Materials: August 22