The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel
Serving Corporate Counsel

Corporate counsel contribute in a positive way to the success of our free enterprise system. Their advice enables corporations to cope with our complex legal environment. Ongoing guidance as to the correct interpretation of law by corporate counsel for their corporate clients contributes to good corporate governance and results in a widespread respect for the rule of law, which in turn creates an atmosphere of greater trust for governmental institutions and stimulates economic expansion.The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel (MCC) makes a significant contribution to the success of the free enterprise system by providing information to corporate counsel, enabling them to perform their work more effectively and encourages them to further improve our legal system by supporting constructive reforms.

MCC is a public service to corporate counsel. It provides a way for law firms and other legal service providers to show support for corporate counsels’ goals in a cost-efficient manner. It is, in effect, an association of contributors who wish to raise their partnering relationship with their corporate clients to a new level. The primary mission of the paper is to enable writers of articles to assist their clients in reaching goals through communication with large numbers of other corporate counsel as well as law firms. Civil justice reform, diversity, pro bono, ADR, global good citizenship, and the international rule of law are examples of areas where developing a large base of support is important.

Corporate counsel benefit from partnering with outside counsel and other legal service providers on many levels. Most corporate legal departments spend at least 50% of the total legal budget on outside counsel and other legal services. MCC, through the pages of its newspaper and on its Website, enables law firms and legal service providers to paint complete pictures of themselves, thereby enabling corporate counsel to make intelligent choices.

Corporate counsel organizations and bar associations serve corporate counsels’ needs in many ways. These include stimulating outside lawyers and other legal service providers to generate programs and articles and to assist corporate counsel in achieving their objectives, whether they are legal mastery of a subject or philanthropic areas, such as diversity or pro bono. MCC supports these efforts by publicizing the programs and other activities of these lawyers’ organizations -- which in turn contributes to building their membership.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel goes to all corporate counsel throughout the United States (not just those who are members of lawyers’ organizations). It enables corporate counsel, law firms and legal service providers as well as corporate counsel organizations and bar associations to reach a broad audience. In so doing, the newspaper plays a unique role in serving the needs and supporting the objectives of the corporate counsel community.