About MCC

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel

For more than 20 years, the in-house community has relied on Metropolitan Corporate Counsel for leading-edge information tailored to their specific needs. We do this through a unique partnership conceived by MCC's founder, Al Driver, former General Counsel of one of the world's leading retailers. 

Al's model is built on the common ground shared by multiple constituencies: the world's leading corporate law departments; outside counsel from elite law firms; innovative companies with products and services designed to help corporate law departments serve their clients more efficiently and effectively; and various individuals and groups, including educators, businesspeople, bar associations, legal foundations, and civil justice reform advocates, with agendas shared by General Counsel and their in-house teams. 

Al's model, focused on service, not profits, proved potent. Unlike other publications catering to the in-house bar, MCC cuts through the noise, eschewing glitz and gossip, to deliver timely, in-depth content with a laser focus on serving the interests of its partners. 

And so we continue more than two decades later. Yes, the role of in-house counsel has evolved, but so have we in ways that assure we consistently deliver value to our readers and partners. 

Today, with buzzwords such as "content marketing" and "native advertising" on everyone's lips, MCC readers continue to demand our no-nonsense brand of news and information. Whether it’s the latest regulatory, compliance and enforcement developments, civil justice reform, risk management and mitigation, or in-house operational innovations, we feature original articles and interviews from experts at prestigious law firms, bar executives, accounting firms, consultants, and legal service providers, as well as educators, business executives and high-level state, national and international officials. That's what our readers demand, and that's what we deliver - every month through our newspaper; every week through MCCreview, our e-newsletter; and every day through www.metrocorpcounsel.com.

In the end, our approach is simple. Just as Al taught us, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the in-house community. That's what shapes our coverage, including: 

  • A monthly focus on key market sectors such as energy, technology and financial service.
  • Regular deep dives into hot topics such as cybersecurity, compliance, e-discovery, diversity and more.  
  • The forum we provide to foundations, public interest firms and others advancing the interests of Chief Legal Officers and their corporate clients within the civil justice system.

Thanks to that focus, we deliver the quality content our readers crave while simultaneously enabling our supporters to reach an elite and engaged audience that includes decision makers and influencers from the top corporate law departments in the world; elite regional, national and international law firms; and the movers and shakers of the global business community. 

It's not just our content, however, that sets us apart. It's our method. MCC’s editorial process is uniquely collaborative. We recognize that we work in a community where time is always of the essence ­– and there's never quite enough of it. So we do all we can to make it easier for our partners to join the conversation. That includes editors and researchers ready, willing and able to facilitate contributions through interviews and other approaches; a monthly Highlights newsletter previewing topics for upcoming print editions; and a website geared to dynamic publication of trending content along with firm/industry news, announcements, a calendar of events and other up-to-the-minute information of immediate use to the legal and business communities. We also provide free formatted PDFs, never seek ownership of your copyrights, and are always available to brainstorm with you on innovative ways we can work together to serve the in-house community.

Please don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions for topics or other ideas at info@metrocorpcounsel.com. Sign up to receive a complimentary subscription here.