AccessData Releases Powerful New Versions of AD Lab and FTK Digital Forensics Software Tools

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 16:31

AccessData Group has released new versions of its suite of digital forensics software tools, with innovative new features that allow customers to take greater control of their digital investigations.

The new product releases extend the capabilities of AccessData software tools by enabling seamless integration with important third-party applications. New integration with Project VIC makes it easier for law enforcement professionals to investigate and prosecute child exploitation cases, as well as share forensic data. In addition, users have the option of purchasing access to nearly 200 additional mobile parsers within FTK and AD Lab through a technology partnership with Belkasoft Evidence Center. The result allows users to analyze data from popular mobile apps – such as SayIt, WhatsApp and Facebook – to add more color and context to their investigations. Finally, iSubmit users will benefit from easier case management of digital evidence with a new AccessData integration.

“The enhancements built into AD Lab 6.3 and FTK 6.3 deliver powerful job management tools, the ability to parse additional file types and more flexible processing options that make our customers’ digital investigations more efficient,” said Victor Limongelli, chief executive officer of AccessData. “The new versions of these software products truly raise the bar on our customers’ digital forensics investigations.”

The new releases also include a powerful new feature that enables users to view all active jobs that are being processed by the software at any given moment, then easily change the job processing order to prioritize one specific matter over others. Moreover, the addition of customizable processing profiles within the AccessData forensics tools now make it easy for users to establish enterprise-wide processing standards, which can help create consistency for investigations and reduce the possibility of overlooked data.

AD Lab is a large-scale investigations and processing engine that enables computer forensics labs of all sizes to provide their teams with collaborative analysis, centralized case management and web-based review, thereby dramatically streamlining the investigative process. Last week, AccessData announced that AD Lab is now the first product in its category to be available to users in a cloud-based environment. The product is now available to customers on Amazon Web Services by clicking here and is expected to be available on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform this quarter.

FTK (Forensic Toolkit®) is a court-cited digital investigations platform built to help customers find relevant evidence faster, dramatically increase analysis speed and reduce backlogs.

Today’s announced software enhancements have also been built into the newly released 6.3 version of AD Enterprise, a platform for managing forensic investigations and incident response.

For more information about the new versions of AccessData’s digital forensics software products, please click here.