FTI Technology Launches Ringtail Audio Discovery Service


FTI Consulting, Inc. has announced a new Ringtail Audio Discovery service from its FTI Technology business segment. The Ringtail Audio Discovery service enables legal teams to search, review, redact and produce audio recordings alongside email and other documents as part of the legal review process.

"Especially within financial institutions, there is a growing need to include audio files as part of the usual e-discovery process," said Cuong Do, a senior managing director in the Technology segment of FTI Consulting. "The ability to treat these files like all other written materials and in the same workflow will be a big time and money-saver for Ringtail users."

Financial organizations are in particular need of audio recording discovery capabilities given expectations by financial regulators in the UK as well as new e-discovery requirements contained within the Dodd-Frank Act in the U.S. Yet all organizations, in order to be in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, need to evaluate their audio discovery process should relevant evidence be needed from call center records or the corporate telephone system. Currently, many legal teams are listening to hours of collected audio data, one tape at a time, manually tracking potentially relevant materials and the exact time of the relevant exchange, then transcribing, reviewing, redacting and coding these transcripts in a linear and costly fashion.

The Ringtail Audio Discovery service addresses this inefficient process by enabling clients to:

  • find targeted keywords, dates, custodians or unique speakers within audio files using advanced search capabilities;
  • apply tuning and training for specific industry domains, accents or languages to enhance the quality of transcripts and retrieve keyword searches with greater accuracy;
  • read the searchable text transcript while listening to recordings for better reviewer consistency and accuracy;
  • Eliminate empty passages with silence and noise detection that saves time and money;
  • review audio of over 20 languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and a variety of accents such as U.S. English and British English; and
  • redact and export text transcripts as part of the regular e-discovery process.

"For many organizations, audio collection and review follows a different process than handling common file types, such as email," said Nimisha Patel, a managing director in the Technology segment of FTI Consulting. "Besides additional cost, the audio may be reviewed out of context, leading to erroneous coding decisions. The Ringtail Audio Discovery service provides Ringtail users with a seamless experience so audio files can be treated just like every other material, including the great search, review and production capabilities Ringtail users expect."

The Ringtail e-discovery platform supports law firms and corporate legal teams of all sizes that are tasked with managing the complexity and scope of today's global e-discovery. A full-featured platform, Ringtail software processes and culls data, provides a broad range of tools for quick data review and coding and gives users a comprehensive set of redaction and production tools. Ringtail also features world class visual analytics, concept clustering, predictive coding and advanced workflows. Ringtail is available on-premises, on-demand or in a Software as a Service ("SaaS") deployment model.

The Ringtail Audio Services are available immediately to Ringtail on-demand and managed review clients. It is also available as an add-on service to SaaS clients.



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