Mitratech Releases Latest Version Of TeamConnect Platform

Monday, October 21, 2013 - 12:34

Mitratech, the industry leader in enterprise legal management solutions, has announced the availability of significant enhancements in its e-Billing application used to control, manage and reduce legal spend for corporate legal departments. The latest innovations on the proven TeamConnect platform include enhancements that increase collaboration with outside counsel and provide additional structure to support international e-Billing and the rollout of TeamConnect for global legal units.

“Today, the ability to work more collaboratively with outside law firms and across global business units is a strategic imperative in the general counsel’s office of an increasing number of our clients. We are confident that the release of additional spend management features directly supports these transformational needs, provides demonstrable value to our clients and further solidifies Mitratech’s e-Billing solution as the top choice for leading legal departments,” said Mitratech CEO Jason Parkman.

Significant new functionality added to TeamConnect’s e-Billing & spend management system in 2013 includes:

  • Appeals Invoicing – allows outside counsel to appeal the client’s rejection or adjustment of invoices throughout the e-Billing portal, reducing unnecessary e-mails and calls as well as duplicate invoices
  • Line-Item Tax – supports line item level taxes on invoices, creating a more transparent tax audit trail and minimizing the risk of non-compliance with local VAT requirements
  • AFAs module – features out-of-the-box alternative fee arrangement options, giving clients support for rate negotiation and enforcement of terms with outside counsel that increase control over outside legal spend
  • Timekeeper Rate Collaboration – allows outside counsel to upload rate information that clients then approve, revise, or reject, putting the legal staff in the business of approvals rather than data entry
  • Vendor Budget-Sharing – allows vendors to see real time allocated budgets and actuals by matter through the e-Billing portal without the need to grant access behind the firewall
  • New Timekeeper Fields – allows information to be captured at the timekeeper level for areas of expertise, jurisdiction, languages spoken and years of tenure,  assisting clients in their optimization of outside counsel selection

For more information about TeamConnect, Mitratech’s end-to-end enterprise legal management solution, please email or contact us here.


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