Evidence Exchange Achieves Relativity Best In Service Status


After a rigorous audit, Evidence Exchange has announced that it has been selected as a Relativity Best in Service partner. Best in Service recognizes those Relativity partners that are providing an exceptional Relativity experience and high levels of service and support to their customers.

Through a voluntary audit, Relativity Best in Service partners demonstrate their expertise and experience hosting projects in Relativity. kCura evaluates these partners in three areas: technical infrastructure, customer service and product expertise. Additionally, Best in Service partners meet a set of requirements for their duration as a hosting partner, size of Relativity installations, and core Relativity certifications. To that end, kCura remotely audited the quality of Evidence Exchange’s SAS70 data center environments in Dallas, Texas and Herndon, Virginia.

“Evidence Exchange has a lot of Relativity expertise and has always done an exceptional job delivering a great end user experience,” said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. “We’re excited to recognize Evidence Exchange as a Best in Service partner.”

“We are delighted to be recognized by kCura for doing an excellent job in delivering the benefits of Relativity to our users. We have made heavy investments in our infrastructure, business processes and people to provide our customers with the best online review experience possible. We remain committed to using the best technology available and continue to grow our in-house talent and knowhow in the pursuit of outstanding client service and support. For Evidence Exchange, the Best in Service award and recertification is an important indicator that we are delivering on our ‘Discover Peace of Mind’ commitment to the marketplace,” said Michael J. Prounis, CEO of Evidence Exchange.

Evidence Exchange adds the Relativity Best in Service award to eight individual-level certifications (i.e., Relativity Certified Administrators and Sales Professionals) received for excellence with the software. Last year, Evidence Exchange achieved both Best in Service ranking and reseller status with kCura, and continues to integrate Relativity Analytics into its standard Relativity offering. Mr. Prounis further notes, “We continue to believe that Relativity offers our clients the best platform available for delivering modern productivity tools and innovative search technologies, as our clients strive for increased productivity in the face of ever-increasing challenges. Given that sentiment, the Best in Service award is particularly gratifying to our organization.”