Mitratech TeamConnect Brings eDiscovery Cost Control To Corporate Counsel

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 15:52

Mitratech has announced that TeamConnect e-Billing now supports the newly released eDiscovery UTBMS code set. Thirty-four new codes, approved by the LEDES® (Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard) Oversight Committee (LOC) in July, are intended for use with the Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS). The new codes simplify the electronic billing process, offering corporate counsel greater visibility into litigation-related costs for eDiscovery work performed by outside providers. 

“Corporations have experienced an upward trend in litigation since the 2008 economic downturn, particularly with rising labor/employment disputes and increased regulatory proceedings – all of which has exacerbated eDiscovery,” said Afshin Behnia, Mitratech CEO.  “The eDiscovery aspect of litigation has been a prime focus of cost control initiatives in recent years because of its resource-intensive nature, both in terms of time and money.  With support for the newly released codes, TeamConnect e-Billing brings greater granularity and a deeper understanding of eDiscovery expenditures for corporate counsel who are looking to control litigation costs.”

The LOC is an international, voluntary, nonprofit organization composed of legal industry representatives that is responsible for creating and maintaining open standard formats for the electronic exchange of billing and other information between corporations and law firms. 

Mitratech TeamConnect solutions now support the new eDiscovery UTBMS code set. Used by Fortune 500 legal departments and by 100 percent of the AmLaw 100, 93 percent of the AmLaw Global, and 95 percent of the NLJ, TeamConnect has become a standard for connecting teams, coordinating work, and managing collective knowledge. By combining all aspects of legal operations and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management into one integrated solution, the TeamConnect platform enables organizations to cut costs and improve operational efficiency while better managing risks and reputational damage.

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