Equivio Enhances Integration With Relativity For Relevance, Near-Duplicates And Email Threads

Monday, January 31, 2011 - 01:00

Equivio has announced that it has tightened the level of integration of its technology with kCura's Relativity review platform. The enhancement encompasses the full range of the Equivio product suite, including products for assessing document relevance, grouping near-duplicates and capturing email threads. The Equivio software is available as a plug-in for users of Relativity.

Since partnering with kCura in 2008, Equivio has progressively enhanced its Relativity plug-in to simplify and streamline the import and export of data between Equivio and Relativity. The latest enhancement includes:

• simplified connection between databases - easy-to-define connection between databases based on pull-down menus that reduce the chance of errors;

• seamless data retrieval from Relativity - flexible, user-friendly selection of data fields (e.g., emails, pointers to email attachments, etc.) to be imported from Relativity for processing by Equivio; and

• enhanced export to Relativity database - software-enhanced definition of destination data fields in Relativity to expedite the export process.

These new and automated processes reduce the need for manual keying of data, helping to prevent errors and significantly reducing the time it takes to prepare a document collection for review.

The integration of Equivio technology expedites the management and review of large document repositories. The assessment of document relevance enables reviewers to focus on key documents, zooming in on critical evidence and prioritizing litigation review. The grouping of near-duplicates and email threads allows similar documents to be handled and treated together, enabling Relativity users to slash the time and cost of document review. Fios, Inc. was one of the first Relativity Premium Hosting Partners to embed Equivio's plug-in for Relativity.

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