Equivio>Relevance Enhances E-discovery By Automating Document Relevance

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 - 01:00

Equivio, a provider of software for managing data redundancy, has announced that it has launched Equivio>Relevance, an expert-guided system that enhances the e-discovery process through automated document prioritization.

Traditionally, attorneys use keywords to pre-filter documents prior to detailed review. According to the TREC (Text Retrieval Conference) studies, the keywords method tends to miss most of the relevant documents, while yielding mainly irrelevant documents.

Moreover, the keywords approach is typically binary, meaning that documents are either included or not. There is no graduated scale of relevance. This rigid approach does not allow for relative ranking of documents, making it extremely difficult to manage and prioritize document review.

Equivio>Relevance is designed to address these limitations, introducing a higher level of flexibility, control and accuracy into the e-discovery process.

Equivio>Relevance drives value throughout the e-discovery flow through early case assessment, culling and review prioritization.

Equivio>Relevance also generates a list of keywords that characterize relevant documents in the collection.These automatically generated keywords can be used to supplement and enhance the manual list of keywords built by the legal team. To learn more about Equivio, visit www.equivio.com.