Recommind Survey Finds Global Recession Making Information Risk Worse For Large Enterprises

Monday, June 1, 2009 - 01:00

Recommind, a leader in search-powered information risk management (IRM) software, released survey results recently showing that corporate data is as inaccessible to employees and risk-laden to enterprises as ever. Even with the global recession forcing enterprises to increase productivity with fewer workers, employees still spend an average of 38 minutes searching for a single document, and cannot use technology to locate internal expertise. Furthermore, in spite of a heightened risk of litigation and regulatory investigation, most enterprises aren't more stringently enforcing, or even updating, data retention policies. Both findings illustrate a dangerous, recession-induced trend of over-reliance on outdated technology and an inability to provide workers with the most current tools available.

Enterprise data is both the lifeblood of a business as well as a critical challenge. When employees cannot access the information they need to conduct their daily tasks, the enterprise is left at a competitive disadvantage against its peers.

Similarly, when enterprise data is left unmanaged it can severely damage an organization through litigation, regulatory sanction, internal theft or fraud. The recent financial crisis has exacerbated these challenges as enterprises seek to "do more with less" by foregoing critical information infrastructure investments at the exact time their shrunken employee base needs them most.

Recommind has announced that Seyfarth Shaw LLP has selected Recommind's MindServer Search application as the search layer powering the firm's new Microsoft SharePoint portal. MindServer Search will enable Seyfarth Shaw's 775 attorneys and their support staff to quickly find relevant documents, expertise, matters and relationships across the firm's 10 offices. Seyfarth Shaw expects MindServer Search to further improve its efficiencies and strengthen client services.