February 2017 Publisher's Note

As the new administration brings rapid-fire changes to Washington and beyond, we have a new arrival to announce ourselves. David Hechler joined us as our new Editor-in-Chief. Some of you may already know him, or recognize his name, from his years at ALM. We’d like to welcome him to our office and masthead. His years as a reporter and editor on legal publications make him an ideal fit.

We’re also excited about two other new arrivals. Charlie Platt, a director at iDiscovery Solutions, has launched a new column in our pages that we’re sure will be very well read. It’s called The Ethical Hacker, and Platt promises it will be data-centric. His first foray doesn’t disappoint (page 19).

The bookend opposite this new column is a book collecting a longstanding one.  David White of AlixPartners has been a Metropolitan Corporate Counsel mainstay with his Information Governance Insights column. We are now presenting his collected work as a book you can download from our website (page 13).

Speaking of new, we have a roundtable discussion in which a judge, an in-house lawyer and an outside attorney talk about the new rules of civil procedure, and how they’ve played out in the real world so far. It’s a very big subject, and the panelists take readers along for a deep dive (page 16).

This month’s regional focus is China and Hong Kong, and the three articles we have published are about doing business there (pages 25 to 29). MoFo’s Timothy Blake talks about his education on corruption, which began in New York, where he worked on Enron-related litigation and ultimately took him to Honk Kong, where he practices now. Dan Harris of Harris Bricken reveals how he came to write the influential China Law Blog. And Richard Yao of FuJae Partners talks about the likely challenges of doing business there under the Trump administration.

Looking down the road, we will soon be calling for nominations and submissions on behalf of innovative law departments. Profiles of departments we select will be featured in our April issue. If you know of a worthy contender, now would be a good time to alert its leaders.

As always, we value your feedback and suggestions.