Letter From The President Of The National Bar Association Of India

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

I am extremely glad to be addressing the readers of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and sharing my experience regarding the National Bar Association of India (NBAI).

The National Bar Association of India is the Indian legal community's fastest-growing voluntary association. It is registered as a not-for-profit organization that serves the community through programs designed to educate and connect members of the community interested in improving the administration of justice and bettering Indian society. It primarily aims to serve the needs of the legal community and to provide them with one collective voice to reform the Indian legal system and remove government bureaucratic rules and regulations (red tape) in order to usher in effective and quick justice to its citizens, leading to the nation's economic and business growth. For more details visit us on www.nationalbarindia.org.

NBAI has global reach and a membership that is ever growing and currently consists of more than 2,500 members. It is currently comprised of various leading advocates, attorneys, eminent judges, multinational corporate and businesses, law firms, legal fraternity and professionals, senior government officials, law students and professors, NGOs, litigants, law publishers and vendors, groups, associations, and individuals who are interested in promoting the goals and objectives of the association.

With almost 32 million cases pending in the Indian courts, NBAI - with the aim of reducing the backlog of cases and settling disputes through alternate dispute resolutions - has set up the NBAI Arbitration & Mediation Centre, which enables common citizens to resolve disputes in an expedited manner. Many arbitrators and mediators have also been registered with NBAI for this noble cause, and they assist in arbitral proceedings and take active participation in solving disputes by means of settlement. Thus, NBAI is trying to facilitate speedy delivery of justice and reinstate people’s faith in the Indian legal system.

Apart from this, NBAI is actively involved in supporting law students and aspiring lawyers by promoting legal education through various programs. NBAI is associated with various legal education institutions, not only in India but outside India as well. Professionals from different fields of law have been proactively involved with NBAI for this cause.

NBAI has made a tremendous effort in providing legal education, seminars, camaraderie and networking opportunities, pro bono work and public interest litigation. The association takes opportunities to make positive contributions to the Indian legal and justice systems, and hence NBAI is partner to at least two legal conferences a month, with the aim of promoting its goals and achieving its objectives. Thus, to coincide with Indian Law Day celebrations, NBAI is conducting a two-day conference titled “National Law Day,” which is slated to be inaugurated by dignitaries such as the Minister of Law, Shri Salman Khursid, and Chief Justice of India, the Honorable Justice Altamas Kabir. The conference will have participation by legal luminaries, senior government officials, legal departments of Fortune 500 companies, international and national law firms, senior lawyers and judges from across the globe. The paramount purpose  of the conference is to provide a platform for the legal community to discuss and deliberate on several important national and international legal issues that impact India so that it can provide economic and social benefits that will accrue in the future.

We believe that members of the legal community can bring needed change to the Indian legal system, and this constitutes NBAI’s mission and goals. I welcome and call upon advocates, attorneys, eminent judges, multinational corporations and businesses, law firms, legal fraternities and professionals, senior government officials, law students and professors, NGOs, litigants, law publishers and vendors, groups and associations to come forward and do your part.

If you have any issues you would like to discuss, please contact me at president@nationalbarindia.org.

Warm regards and Diwali greetings.


Shri Kaviraj Singh