Letter From The President Of The Western Pennsylvania ACC Chapter

2012-06-25 11:18


To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

The Western Pennsylvania chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel has enjoyed strong growth growth over the past several years. Our last few presidents – Max Laun with Alcoa, Ken Christman with NiSource and Joe Napoli with U. S. Steel – increased chapter membership and significantly improved our CLE program offerings, our chapter finances, and our pro bono contributions to the region. We are working now to keep improving in these areas and to improve in selected additional areas as well.

One of the additional areas on which we have focused involves the make-up of our Board itself. It is important to us that our Board, as well as our membership in general, reflects the face of our business community. Accordingly, we have expanded and diversified the interests and entities that are represented on our Board. We have lawyers from businesses that are large and small, public and private, for-profit and not-for-profit; we have lawyers from traditional manufacturing industries, and from retail, technology and energy industries that have been integral to the successful transformation of the region’s economy. We also have an essentially equal number of men and women among our 17 Board members.

We have sought to continue to improve our program offerings by expanding the number and types of presenters with which we partner. So, while traditionally we have partnered with the many fine law firms here, and while we continue to do so, we also are exploring and entering into program partnerships with industry vendors and other service providers. In addition, we are looking at expanding our collaborations with law schools here. 

We also are looking to expand our program offerings to encompass a greater number and variety of social and networking events. One of the great benefits of the ACC is that it offers opportunities for meeting and working with other in-house counsel; taking advantage of these opportunities can be very valuable in our region, where there often is a manageable number of degrees of separation between and among people who can provide mutual support and advantage to each other.

We are exploring the potential for expanding the geographic boundaries of our chapter to include in-house counsel in nearby areas not presently covered by an ACC chapter.

Please visit our chapter website at www.acc.com/chapters/wpenn and review our chapter leadership at www.acc.com/chapters/wpenn/leaders.cfm. We welcome your communications and would be happy to engage in conversations with all of you.


John Glicksman