International Developments in Whistleblowing: Litigation, Asylum Claims, and Protections in International Organizations


Wednesday, April 1, 2015



Dennis Boyle, Esq., Fox Rothschild; Beatrice Edwards, executive and international director, Government Accountability and Laina Lopez, Berliner Corcoran & Rowe LLP


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The increasing importance of whistleblowers as effective agents of accountability has led international standards of whistleblower protection. The U.S. government has been on different sides of the issues. The U.S. promotes free speech and a free press. The U.S. has promoted whistleblowing in the Dodd-Frank Act, which has undergone litigation with respect to its application abroad. However, the U.S. prosecutes certain types of whistleblowers, such as Snowden and Manning, whose disclosures may violate national law. International organizations have developed their own rules for whistleblowing, reviewed only in their internal justice systems. Questions arise whether a need for independent review exists of the protections in international organizations. The G20 makes promises with respect to whistleblowing and yet the implementation shows a mixed record. The panelists will discuss both the policy and practice implications of these developments.