End-To-End Technology Solutions Improve Law Department Performance

Wednesday, March 1, 2006 - 01:00

The Editor interviews Gene Landoe,
President and CEO, CT and Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal

Editor: What contributes to the growing complexity of corporate counsel's
daily practice?

Landoe: Like all corporate functions, law departments are continually
challenged to do more with less. Having ready access to information on legal
expenses - including those from outside counsel - is imperative when managing
costs. Corporate counsel require fast access to the detailed information that
drives the effective management of cases, outside counsel, in-house personnel,
department finances, and senior management expectations.

In our increasingly globalized economy, corporate counsel are expected to
deliver legal services and anticipate possible legal problems in a variety of
jurisdictions. Being able to share information about matters among critical team
members at any time from anywhere requires sophisticated solutions that are
simple to use.

With enhanced scrutiny of corporate governance issues in today's post
Sarbanes-Oxley climate, corporate counsel play an increasingly significant role
in keeping their companies on track in terms of not only legal requirements, but
also ethical and public policy considerations.

Whether advising on compliance, corporate transactions, litigation,
bankruptcy, real estate, trademark or other matters, it is critical for
corporate counsel to speed workflows and effectively manage dynamic information
as they help their companies to make critical decisions.

Editor: What services and technologies can help corporate counsel in
handling their increasingly demanding jobs?

Landoe: The right tools can help corporate law departments control
costs, improve performance and increase efficiencies. Compliance and governance
solutions can help corporate counsel meet their compliance requirements through
every stage of the corporate lifecycle - from statutory representation to
corporate transactions to annual report filings. Technology can give legal
professionals the means to accomplish vital compliance and governance tasks.
Having a central corporate records management solution ensures efficient entity
management and compliance.

E-billing solutions can eliminate manually intensive paper reviews of outside
counsel's and service providers' bills. A technological approach enables a law
department to capture not only quantitative data about where dollars are spent,
but also qualitative information about how various timekeeper-related resources
are allocated. And, matter management tools help a law department to capture
critical metrics that drive internal and external expense management, better
manage internal staff and law firm performance, strengthen engagement decisions,
and increase profitability. By channeling matter management data through desktop
reports, law departments can reduce costs, manage outside counsel and vendor
relationships fairly and efficiently, and optimize their department's work
through enhanced strategic planning, law firm transactional data analysis, and
enterprise-wide reporting.

Editor: What are some of the advantages of end-to-end legal services and
technology solutions?

Landoe: A comprehensive suite of integrated, web-based tools combines
all of a law department's data in a unified platform to help streamline their
workflows. For example, storing billing and financial data in one system, and
matter or documents in another takes extra time and effort. Bringing e-billing,
case and document management, budgeting and analysis, and performance and
financial reporting tools all together gives corporate counsel the power to more
efficiently manage day-to-day operations and legal costs, conduct rigorous
budget planning and analysis, and analyze their data in more ways than ever

The bottom line: end-to-end legal solutions help corporate counsel to quickly
answer whatever tough questions come their way, and to share their advice and
counsel with those who need to know.

Editor: How can corporate counsel benefit from unlocking hidden data
within their law department's information?

Landoe: An end-to-end technology solution can reveal valuable metrics
about corporate counsel's cases, their company's risks and transactions, and
practice patterns of outside counsel that can help a law department improve its
performance and maximize its value to the company. With all of the law
department's data in one platform, it is possible to segment and evaluate it
from virtually every angle. Corporate counsel can choose any parameters they
wish and see the results on one easy-to-view screen.

Whether corporate counsel need to look at the data by law firm, by business
unit, or by matter type, they can select flexible reports that can be adjusted
along any of the information they can track in their system. They'll be able to
answer all the questions they receive, from the simple to the complex, with just
a few clicks, and back up their advice and counsel with definitive numbers and

As well as reducing overall legal expenses, corporate counsel can see
long-term strategic benefits that can have a tremendous impact throughout the
law department.

Editor: How has CT and Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services modified
its organizational structure to make it easier for corporate counsel to find its
family of services and technology solutions under one company name?

Landoe: Through development of new software, enhanced services and
acquisitions, CT now offers customers intelligent, comprehensive legal solutions
for compliance, corporate transactions, litigation management and trademark

Our strategy has been to invest in technologies that can provide our
customers with the best range of services and solutions to help them work the
way they want to. We are confident that combining all of CT's offerings
together, under one brand, will do just that - giving them the most complete
solutions available. And, our new branding aims to make it easier for customers
to find what they need in on place.

Editor: Please give our readers an overview on CT's vision toward helping
legal professionals "work smarter."

Landoe: We're now providing our market-leading solutions for the legal
industry from one source: CT. Through working with legal professionals as a
partner - a true extension of their day-to-day initiatives - we've gathered
valuable information on how they like to work. And, with that information, we
aim to give them the solutions they need to "work smarter" and more efficiently
on a range of projects. Our corporate compliance and governance offerings
provide services and solutions for managing statutory representation, corporate
transactions, and jurisdictional and securities compliance. CTAdvantage.com is
our suite of Web-based tools where customers can complete transactions and
services with our service teams.

We also provide UCC products and services for areas such as corporate due
diligence, secured lending, bankruptcy, and real estate. CTAdvantage.com offers
a comprehensive toolset for UCC searching and filing to meet the unique needs of
legal professionals.

Our litigation solutions provide services and products that include matter
management and e-billing applications, litigation support software, and
e-discovery services. Solutions from CT TyMetrix, a matter management and
e-billing solutions provider; and CT Summation, the leader in litigation support
software, which includes CaseVault for hosting and review, are now part of the
CT family. CT's parent company, Wolters Kluwer, acquired CT Summation - formerly
Summation Legal Technologies, Inc. - in Dec. 2004. It acquired CT TyMetrix, then
known simply as TyMetrix, in Sep. 2003; and brought Tripoint Development
Systems, Inc., on board in Oct. 2005 to join CT TyMetrix.

And we provide innovative trademark research offerings from Corsearch. The
Corsearch Advantageª platform, which has transformed the clearance process for
the trademark community, is part of these tools.

Editor: Where can our readers learn more about CT's end-to-end

Landoe: Along with the new branding, CT is happy to announce a new
corporate website at www.ctlegalsolutions.com. The site gives visitors an
overview of the new CT in a layout that mirrors the revised company

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