BBA Honors Chief MA Bankruptcy Judge

Monday, August 1, 2005 - 01:00

With more than 100 members of the bench and bar applauding, the Honorable Joan N. Feeney, Chief U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Massachusetts, recently received the Boston Bar Association's Haskell Cohn Distinguished Judicial Service Award.

Describing Judge Feeney as "a legal scholar with extraordinary analytical ability and mastery of detail," BBA President M. Ellen Carpenter praised the judge for her "unparalleled mastery of bankruptcy law and practice."

In her remarks, Ms. Carpenter also noted that Judge Feeney is always fair and even-handed, treating all who come before her - be they debtors or creditors - with fairness, courtesy, and compassion.

Judge Feeney was appointed to the Bankruptcy Bench in 1992, and is a graduate of Connecticut College and Suffolk University School of Law. Since her appointment, she has earned a national reputation for her commitment to improving the practice of bankruptcy law and involving members of the bankruptcy bar in service to the community. Most recently, she initiated a partnership between the Bankruptcy Court and the Boston Bar Association to provide financial literacy education to high school seniors.

"There is no judge who takes the public service obligations of the judiciary more seriously than Judge Feeney," Ms. Carpenter said.