New York County Lawyers’ Association Provides Hurricane Assistance To Legal And Greater Community

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 16:10

To aid members of the community left devastated in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA) is providing assistance to lawyers and members of the greater community through a variety of efforts to help hurricane victims get back on their feet immediately and in the long‐term.

Hurricane Relief Drive

NYCLA's Young Lawyers' Section is collecting donations of water, non‐perishable foods, batteries, and other items for those affected in receptacles in the lobby of its 14 Vesey Street headquarters between Church and Broadway. The association is also accepting donations, from members and the public, of flashlights; candles; lighters and matches; warm clothing in all sizes for adults and children including coats, hats, and boots (all sizes for adults and children); blankets; hand sanitizers; baby clothes and food, and baby formula; wipes; pet food; tampons; non‐electric can openers; toilet paper; paper towels; trash bags; cleaning supplies; and propane grills or camping stoves.

Legal Counseling Program Expanded

NYCLA is expanding its Legal Counseling Project to include insurance law to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy with insurance claims or coverage issues. The Project currently provides limited legal advice in the areas of landlord/tenant, consumer bankruptcy, employment and family law. NYCLA members with insurance law experience who are interested in counseling clients affected by Hurricane Sandy, are invited to contact Lois Davis at for more information.

Office Share Program

NYCLA is matching up lawyers with extra office space with lawyers who have been displaced from their offices due to last week's hurricane. Lawyers who have office space to share are invited to help fellow lawyers who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy and lawyers who are looking for temporary offices space are invited to contact Diana Lamb at or 212‐267‐6646 with office location available or requested; availability (number of seats/desks/conference room available) or need (number of seats/desks conference rooms needed); amenities (computers, Internet, power, or other) available or needed; and instructions for how to be contacted.

Assistance To Displaced Members

NYCLA’s facilities, which include the Library and conference rooms, are available to NYCLA Members who have been temporarily displaced from their offices. All members are invited to utilize the NYCLA Library facilities during operating hours to assist with work and to access the Internet. To reserve a meeting space, contact Diana Lamb at or 212‐267‐6646.

About The New York County Lawyers’ Association

The New York County Lawyers' Association ( was founded in 1908 as the first major bar association in the country that admitted members without regard to race, ethnicity, religion or gender. Since its inception, it has pioneered some of the most far‐reaching and tangible reforms in American jurisprudence and has continuously played an active role in legal developments and public policy.