DRI Announces A New Initiative For Claims Executives

Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 13:35


The DRI Executive Committee and Board of Directors announced a new program that offers free seminar attendance to claims executives. The program is similar to the successful free tuition plan for corporate counsel, and it is designed to increase the presence of claims executives at DRI events. The following paragraphs outline the operation of the new program and define eligibility requirements:

Any DRI member employed as a claims professional by a corporation or insurance company, who spends a substantial portion of his or her professional time hiring or supervising outside counsel in the representation of business, insurance companies or their insureds, associations or governmental entities in civil litigation, will be entitled to free attendance at any DRI seminar.

Any lawyer eligible for free DRI programming as set forth above, but who is not a DRI member, can attend one free DRI program if such lawyer is sponsored at the seminar by a DRI member and accompanied by the sponsoring DRI member at that seminar. 

Any non-lawyer vice president, director or manager in charge of hiring or supervising outside counsel nationally or regionally (multi-state) for a corporation, third-party administrator or insurance company is eligible for free seminar attendance once annually if such non-lawyer claims executive is sponsored by a DRI member and accompanied by the sponsoring DRI member at that seminar.

Electronic registration forms are available on the DRI website for member and nonmember claims executives. For more information and questions relating to this new incentive program for claims professionals, please contact DRI Customer Service at (312) 795-1101 or custservice@dri.org.