Thomson West Plans New Version Of LiveNote


As court reporter and litigator needs evolve and technology advances, so does LiveNote, the realtime transcription and transcript and evidence management tool by Thomson West.LiveNote Version 10, coming this summer, gives litigators an even greater advantage in the courtroom, thanks to several new features.

New features of LiveNote Version 10 include:

Transfer to PowerPoint: Users can now automatically create PowerPoint slides of important video segments for trial, settlement conferences or client meetings. The slides include a video clip and text box showing the correlating written testimony.

Remote Video Sharing: LiveNote VideoSite, a new web-based video repository, lets users play synchronized deposition video in LiveNote SR from anywhere with Internet access. Users no longer need to save large video files on their networks or in stacks of DVDs. Video can easily be shared across offices, with co-counsel, experts and others.

Live Video Streaming from Depositions: Users can now receive streaming video directly in LiveNote SR without an additional login, making realtime depositions easier to attend than ever before.

Integration with Active Directory: With LiveNote Version 10, LiveNote Administration will synchronize with Active Directory, greatly simplifying the administrative demands of supporting LiveNote at firms with larger numbers of users.