LawyerLinks Launches Public Company ChannelSM, Firm's New Research Tool

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - 01:00

LawyerLinks, L.L.C. has announced the launch of the Public Company ChannelSM . The Public Company Channel is the latest channel to be added to AdvantageSM , LawyerLinks' online source that helps in-house corporate counsel involved in compliance, filings, and finance conduct comprehensive legal research more expediently and thoroughly.

According to LawyerLinks, the Public Company Channel is unique in that it:

Provides a one-stop location or "channel" that advisors can "tune into" for rules, news, cases, examples, forms and compliance;

Contains new and up-to-the-minute SEC Rule-making, Current Events, Hot Topics, Notable Cases, SEC Filings, Statutes, Disclosure Issues and Compliance Topics;

Offers a consolidated viewpoint revealing underlying topic pages and authoritative source materials that are of particular interest to corporate counsel of public companies;

Allows the advisor to conduct research by topic rather than keyword, eliminating extra steps and wasted time;

Provides instant summation of all relevant findings by creating a simple summary of relevant findings.

In the past, corporate advisors had to rely on search-based services that yielded long lists of results creating an exhaustive process of sifting through documents for relevant findings. The Public Company Channel was created to meet the needs of in-house counsel and legal practitioners with a more comprehensive method that allows not only for swiftness and ease but accuracy as well.

"Advisors will be confident that they can stay abreast of vast compliance materials from a single source," said Eric Korb, managing partner of Lawyer Links. "The Public Company Channel addresses the informational needs of companies involved in compliance, finance and filings, and offers special organization of the content that is directly targeted at corporate advisors of public companies. We are also an invaluable tool for senior management team members who are being exposed to the public financial market requirements for the first time."

The Public Company Channel (PCC) made its debut at the annual conference of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals held recently in Denver, Colorado and was well received by attending corporate counsel, who cited the benefits of PCC as being able to produce more focused research, offer a faster response time, and provide a streamlined approach and added support for companies who are in the process of going public.

For further information about the Public Company Channel, contact Lawyer Links by phone at (877) 651-5331, by email at or visit the website at

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