RPost Registered E-mail Service Passes Bar

Monday, January 1, 2007 - 01:00

RPostUS Inc., the Registered E-mailcompany, has announced that members from more than nine state and regional bar associations in the United States and Puerto Rico use RPost Registered E-mail service to send critical e-mail messages and electronic documents with legal proof of delivery. With RPost services, e-mail users have legally valid evidence of precisely what e-mail content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when.

RPost has established exclusive relationships with major bar associations across the United States that now endorse and/or market RPost Registered E-mail services to their members as an easy-to-use solution for protecting them in a legal challenge involving e-mail.

The Boston Bar and Cleveland Bar are the most recent professional legal organizations to begin campaigns to educate their members on how, when and why to use RPost Registered E-mail services in their daily business.They join legal professionals from the Los Angeles County Bar, Cincinnati Bar, Clark County Bar (Las Vegas area), Colorado Bar, King County Bar (Seattle area), Utah State Bar and the Puerto Rico Bar which each endorse and/or educate their member attorneys about use of Registered E-mail services.

Bar association members use RPost Registered E-mail service to send regulated or required notices while retaining proof of compliance with the notification requirement; to record e-mail correspondence between opposing counsel in litigation, and to send legal opinions to clients and other parties while retaining legally valid evidence of precisely when they gave specific advice to whom.

RPost Registered E-mail users receive an electronic receipt that verifies delivery, message content, and official time sent and received for any e-mail. For the highest assurance of confidentiality, the RPost system does not retain a copy of the original e-mail, unlike alternative "store and forward" solutions, nor does it require e-mail recipients to download specializedsoftware, click on links, or enter any passwords.