Thomson West's Latest Release

Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 11:52

Thomson West says the latest release of West km, Version 3.0, allows firms to stretch the boundaries of how a knowledge management system can help leverage internal experience and previous work product to better serve clients. West km 3.0 features a new search engine that shortens processing times, increases system capacity and makes generating relevant searches and valuable results even easier.

West km combines a firm's work product - its briefs, memoranda and other authored work - with KeyCiteand Westlaw , allowing practitioners to find relevant documents and gain insight from their collective experience. The software increases knowledge transfer and productivity and enables reuse of a firm's best work.

West km 3.0 offers a host of conveniences organizations can leverage for faster, easier and more accurate searches. New documents created by a firm can be added to West km in real time. The Westlaw search technologies deliver even faster response times, particularly for complex search strings. West km 3.0 also integrates more seamlessly into the practitioner's workstream - even using the same search syntax as Westlaw.