Barrasso Consulting Launches Litigation Discovery Blog

Friday, September 1, 2006 - 01:00

Barrasso Consulting LLC, a leading discovery planning, collection and review firm, has announced the launch of its blog, Litigation Discovery Insight - Speaking From Experience, at The blog, authored by Barrasso Consulting founder Diane Barrasso, was created to provide the legal and litigation community a catalyst for thought on discovery management and offer a personal perspective on the creative approach and practical intelligence involved in the litigation discovery process.

New blog entries will be posted twice a week and will contain information on recent cases, discovery groups and events, personal stories and anecdotes from the Barrasso Consulting team's experiences 'in the field.'

'With the Litigation Discovery Insight blog, I'm trying to encourage thought about litigation management but from a unique perspective,' Ms. Barrasso said.'I am interested in sharing where the art and the science of managing large-scale, complex discovery come together. Being both an avid photographer and a bench-trained scientist, I've learned that combining artistic and practical processes can help simplify the complexities of most any situation, particularly litigation discovery management.'

Through years of experience, Barrasso Consulting has developed strategies for handling many facets of litigation discovery. The company applies these strategies throughout all stages of the discovery process: Preservation, Collection, and Review to ensure a quality result for their clients.

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