's Corporate Services DivisionAcquired By Corporation Service Company

Thursday, June 1, 2006 - 01:00

Corporation Service Company, a privately-held provider of financial and legal services to corporations and law firms, has announced it has acquired New York-based's Corporate Services Division from Vector Capital, a privately held equity firm located in San Francisco, CA.

The acquired business, which will be operated under the banner CSC Corporate Domains, is a leading provider of online brand protection for corporations with large domain name portfolios. The business also provides strategic consultancy services and global domain name registrations, management, and monitoring services.

The acquisition is Corporation Service Company's second purchase of a global provider of corporate domain management services in the last six months and further reflects CSC's commitment to bringing its customer service to the name management industry. CSC says legal, intellectual property, and IT professionals will also benefit by the combination of these services with CSC's other corporate name and entity management offerings.

'This acquisition clearly establishes CSC as the leading provider of name management services for corporations and law firms worldwide,' said Bruce R. Winn, president and CEO of CSC.