LexisNexis Enhances ServiceTo Draft, Analyze Patent Applications

Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - 01:00

LexisNexis U.S. has introduced LexisNexis PatentOptimizerª v2.0, an enhanced version of the revolutionary service for the drafting and analysis of patent applications and granted patents. The service is part of the growing portfolio of intellectual property (IP) offerings from LexisNexis that give users the precise and relevant information to make informed business decisions and allow IP to be leveraged enterprise wide.

PatentOptimizer v2.0 is designed specifically for the drafting and analysis of patent applications and granted patents. This powerful tool streamlines the patent analysis process and serves as a critical quality control check for corporate counsel and intellectual property lawyers. It enables patent practitioners to draft better applications and analyze patents at issue in litigation in a more efficient, automated manner than previously available.

Enhancements in this version include an addition to the Check Claims feature that performs an analysis of antecedent basis compliance, as well as a new feature, Check References, which identifies, extracts and analyzes patent citations included in applications or granted patents. PatentOptimizer leverages a diverse suite of LexisNexis products & services, including CourtLink, Reedfax and HotDocs, as well as the USPTO Public PAIR system, to provide a unique, integrated patent information solution. It also includes a report capability for exporting data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Beyond integrating with both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Internet Explorer with an improved side-by-side user interface for application analysis and dissection while drafting, other key features of the service include:

  • Check Parts - Check the accuracy and consistency of part numbers and labels. Quickly edit and correct mislabeled parts with simple and intuitive commands. Identify repeated parts and correct as necessary.
  • Check Terms - Instantly generate a list of cases referencing and interpreting key terms from patents. Includes case links and Shepard's Citations Service reports.
  • Patent Citation - Insert fully-formatted patent citations into applications by keying in just a patent number.
  • LexisNexis is building an integrated portfolio of offerings that allow IP to be leveraged enterprise-wide and news about additional content-, task- and reference-based solutions will be communicated during the year. For information about LexisNexis PatentOptimizerv2.0, visit www.lexisnexis.com/ patentoptimizer.

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