41 WolfBlock Attorneys Honored As '2004 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers'

Thursday, July 1, 2004 - 01:00

Forty-one WolfBlock partners have been named in Philadelphia magazine's "2004 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers." The June edition of the magazine features a variety of categories into which the lawyers were voted. Six of WolfBlock's attorneys were listed in the Top 100 Philadelphia Super Lawyers.

More than 34,000 ballots were mailed to attorneys across the state asking them to vote for the best lawyers whom they had personally observed. Scoring was based on the number and type of vote received. Votes from lawyers in other firms were weighted higher than those from lawyers within the same firm. Also tracked was who voted for whom - any evidence of "back-scratch voting" eliminated the ballots of both nominees. Finally a blue-ribbon panel consisting of the highest vote getters ranked the other nominees in their practice area.

WolfBlock's Pennsylvania Super Lawyers include: Mark Alderman, Joseph Bright, Andrew Chirls, Leonard Cooper, Joseph Crawford, Michael Dean, Alvin Dorsky, Herman Fala, Joseph Finkelstein, Abbe Fletman, Robert Friedman, Thomas Gallagher, David Gitlin, Ronald Glazer, Lynne Gold-Bikin, Norman Goldberger, Robert Goldich, Matthew Kamens, Alan Kessler, Mark Kessler, Marvin Krasny, Judah Labovitz, Bernard Lee, Diana Liu, Theodore Mann, Steve Miano, Henry Miller, Jack Rounick, Paula Sanders, Cliff Schlesinger, Robert Segal, James Sheehan, Jerome Shestack, Robert Silverman, Larry Spector, Ian Strogatz (now deceased), Michael Temin, Barry Ungar, Kenneth Warren, Ronald Wiener and Cheryl Young.


Louis Coffey, of counsel to WolfBlock and a member of both the American Arbitration Association's Complex Case Panel of Arbitrators and Mediators and CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution's Regional, Construction Law and Sports Law Panels of Distinguished Neutrals, as a mediator and arbitrator, has been named as a Dispute Resolution Provider in the Native Dispute Resolution Network of the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution. The Institute is a federal program established by the U.S. Congress. It maintains a roster of qualified facilitators and mediators with substantial experience who can assist in resolving conflicts involving Native American Tribes. Mr. Coffey has considerable experience in resolving disputes involving Native American Tribes and the federal and state governments.