RVM Launches New Product: The RVM Tracer

Sunday, January 17, 2016 - 20:13

New York, NY — January 7, 2016 — RVM Enterprises, Inc., a leader in the eDiscovery industry,has developed a new product, the RVM TracerTM to address the issue of potential corporate intellectual property theft without the burden of a full forensic analysis.

“RVM is typically engaged at the time of an investigation of litigation,” saidGreg Cancilla, RVM’s Director of Forensics. “Clients want to know whether a departing employee may be taking confidential documents with them. Instead of spending time and money running a forensic investigation, the RVM Tracer locates and reports any suspicious piece of information in minutes.”

Recent statistics show that fifty percent of employees take information when leaving a company, and forty percent of them will use that information at their new job. The RVM Tracer was developed to help companies see what information may be leaving with employees without the financial burden of a full investigation.

“Forensic investigations are expensive, and might not lead to any concrete evidence that the departing employee actually stole any intellectual property,” said Geoffrey Sherman, RVM’s Chief Technology Officer. “When we realized there was a way we could help our clients with a problem they face each and every day, we seized the opportunity to create a reliable and cost-efficient alternative.”

RVM has been named Best End-to-End eDiscovery Service Provider by both the New York Law Journal and the New Jersey Law Journal.

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