UBIC Establishes Digital Marketing Subsidiary

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 09:07

UBIC, Inc., has announced that it will establish a new company to accelerate its expansion into the field of marketing based on data analysis using AI technology. UBIC will establish Rappa, Inc., which will specialize in marketing operations, including the analysis of information available on the Internet. With the establishment of Rappa, which is the first UBIC group company to operate in the business to consumer sector, UBIC will enter the field of marketing based on data analysis in earnest.

Rappa will engage in digital marketing business, which refers to the provision of information with new value for consumers through the use of UBIC's proprietary AI technology to analyze information available through Internet sites, including e-commerce sites and buzz marketing sites. The new company will aim to contribute to social development by "enabling individual persons to find information valuable for themselves" and thereby support rich human creativity.