UBIC Acquires Shares of EvD, Inc., Creating a Subsidiary

Friday, August 7, 2015 - 16:28

UBIC, Inc. (Nasdaq: UBIC),  a leading provider of international litigation support and big-data analysis services, announced August 3 that at the July 31 board of directors meeting, the directors resolved to acquire all of the outstanding shares of EvD, Inc. (a U.S. company) and make EvD UBIC’s subsidiary. The move was made to continue UBIC’s expansion into the U.S. market and in response to trends in the U.S. e-discovery industry. UBIC has been focused on raising its profile in the U.S. After being listed on the NASDAQ in May 2013, UBIC obtained the shares of TechLaw Solutions, Inc. ("TLS") in August 2014 -- moves that have significantly enhanced the company’s recognition in the U.S. and expanded its market channels.

Aside from creating a larger U.S. presence, the EvD acquisition is in response to structural changes in the e-discovery industry in the U.S. As the amount of data subject to a discovery process increases, the costs and time for litigation also increase. To address this, companies involved in litigation are seeking e-discovery service vendors that can provide more efficient and accurate services. To meet this demand, major providers are considering and carrying out acquisitions.

EvD, Inc., a private company established in 1997, has been providing end-to-end e-discovery services since its inception. It also provides litigation consulting services as well as the know-how to manage entire litigation projects. EvD is headquartered in San Francisco and has two branches in New York and Phoenix. Most of its customers are major law firms in the U.S., including Am Law 100 and Fortune 500 firms.

In addition, EvD, Inc. has an operation center in Manila that provides data-processing services 24/7. Providing seamless support to multinational companies is UBIC’s goal.