UBIC Obtains Two New Japanese Patents; Begins Providing "Risk Prediction" Function For Analyzing Fraud Probability; Announces Relocation And Expansion of Taiwanese Subsidiary

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 12:23

UBIC, Inc. (Nasdaq:UBIC) has today announced that the Japan Patent Office has recently issued Notifications of Decision of Grant to the Company for two new patents related to "Function of Risk Phase Analysis" of Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR. The necessary procedures for patent registration have already been executed, and the patents are currently pending issuance: Patent #1 application number: 2013-188379, Patent #1 application filing date: September 11, 2013, Patent #2 application number: 2014-511636, Patent #2 application filing date: February 4, 2014.

The two patents cover a technology closely related to the one covered by the Japanese patent that the Company announced obtaining on September 24, 2014. The technologies covered by the two new Japanese patents provide a visual picture of the increase in risks associated with litigation and misconduct by determining the current risk phase (for example, the formation of a cartel behind the scenes) within certain categories designated in advance based on historical data accumulated by UBIC. A report is subsequently produced that visually depicts risks within the designated categories.

These new technologies are integrated into the Company's "VIRTUAL DATA SCIENTIST" software program that incorporates the knowledge and expertise of human professionals through automated learning. It is already used in various products in UBIC's "Lit i View" platform for the analysis of big data held by corporations. These products facilitate e-discovery work in U.S. litigation cases by not only automatically classifying large volumes of unclassified documents with a high level of speed and accuracy (Lit i View E-DISCOVERY) but also performing fraud investigation and automatic e-mail auditing (Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR).


UBIC, Inc.  has announced that the Company has developed a "Risk Prediction" function based on its original concept of behavior informatics. Effective immediately, this function will be provided as part of UBIC's "Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR" system, which has already been used for routine audits of email exchanges. The Risk Prediction function has been developed by UBIC's Behavior Informatics Laboratories.

Practices such as price-fixing arrangements and information theft do not occur abruptly. A price-fixing arrangement typically materializes after distinct risk phases of relationship building and preparation have already occurred. Utilizing its many years of experience conducting corporate fraud investigations and providing litigation support, UBIC has analyzed and accumulated data in its study of behavior informatics, a subject which includes elements of sociology and criminology, in order to effectively observe the nature of communications that occur in each risk phase.

The "Risk Prediction" function in "Lit i View EMAIL AUDITOR" analyzes email communications based on UBIC's accumulated know-how and assesses the risk of potential fraud. Moreover, it produces a report analyzing the fraudulent practice in question and identifying the current risk phase. The "Risk Prediction" function also provides a prediction regarding the probability of a similar practice reoccurring based on the historical results of analyzing fraudulent practices. This function is based on behavior informatics, an original concept developed by UBIC whereby the company analyzes big data as an accumulation of patterns of human thinking and behavior.

UBIC's Behavior Informatics Laboratories expects to continue conducting AI-based, big data analysis research and plans to develop solutions that promote the utilization of knowledge held by experts and companies.


UBIC has announced that it will be relocating and expanding the head office of its Taiwanese subsidiary, UBIC Taiwan, Inc., to the following location:  4F. No. 146, Songjian Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, City.

UBIC established UBIC Taiwan, Inc. and began its operations in November 2011. In June 2012, the Company added a data center in Taiwan to strengthen pretrial discovery support for Taiwanese businesses. Through this relocation and expansion, UBIC believes it will further enrich the capabilities of its Taiwanese subsidiary along with improving services to its Taiwanese customers.