ZyLAB’s Mary Mack To Present At ACEDS 2014 eDiscovery Conference

Monday, April 28, 2014 - 12:16

Mary Mack, Enterprise Technology Counsel for ZyLAB, leading provider of eDiscovery and Information Risk Management solutions, will co-present the session “Strategies to Avoid Predictive Coding’s Traps for the Unwary” and speak in the session “E-Discovery Taboos: Pain Points among (and within) Clients, Counsel and Vendors.” The sessions are part of the 2014 eDiscovery Conference & Exhibition organized by ACEDS on April 27-29 at the Westin Diplomat, in Hollywood, FL.

Ms. Mack will present the session “Strategies to Avoid Predictive Coding's Traps for the Unwary,” together with Bill Speros, Evidence Consulting Attorney with Speros & Associates of Cleveland. This interactive session, scheduled Monday April 28, 1-2 p.m., is based on the assumption that predictive coding is neither auto-magic nor all-knowing or autonomous and will discuss strategies to avoid predictive coding’s hidden “traps.”

Ms. Mack commented, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence for legal applications is our future. It’s a wonderful advance that the judiciary is embracing machine-assisted review in the form of predictive coding. While we steadily move into the second and much less risky generation of predictive coding, there are still traps and pitfalls that are better considered early for mitigation. This session and the session on eDiscovery taboos will expose a few concerns to consider when evaluating predictive coding for specific or portfolio litigation.”

Mary Mack will also speak in the session “eDiscovery Taboos: Pain Points among (and within) Clients, Counsel and Vendors.” Taboos that will be tackled are “predictive coding is not faster and more effective than traditional manual review;” “law firms should not in-source eDiscovery and litigation support services;” and “corporations should not engage outside counsel prior to review and analysis of data.”

At this session, scheduled for Tuesday April 29 at 2:30-3:45, Ms. Mack will be joining speakers Alex Ponce De Leon, senior litigation counsel of Intel; Jon Talotta, partner at Hogan Lovells; and again, William Speros. The session will be moderated by Jared Coseglia, president and founder of Tru Staffing Partners.