DTI Announces 30 Relativity Certified Administrators On Staff

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 - 17:45

DTI, the nation’s largest private independent provider of e-discovery, legal process outsourcing and facilities management services, has announced that it now employs 30 Relativity Certified Administrators (RCAs). DTI is a heavy user of the Relativity e-discovery platform, and the firm’s extensive in-house expertise represents a tremendous benefit to its clients.

“The RCA certification ensures that case administrators have a demonstrated working knowledge of the software, helping them take full advantage of Relativity’s capabilities throughout a project,” stated Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. “DTI’s commitment to the certification program demonstrates their dedication to providing an exceptional Relativity experience for their clients.”

DTI has taken advantage of the vast knowledge it has in its ranks by creating unique tools that extend the capabilities of Relativity to help provide clients with fast and accurate document review services. The company remains committed to the certification program to continuously improve its service offerings and project management capabilities related to the use of the platform.