Complete Discovery Source Unveils Nytrix CIY 4 eDiscovery Software Platform

Monday, September 30, 2013 - 14:44

Complete Discovery Source (CDS/CDS Legal) has released the all new edition of its proprietary e-discovery software platform, Nytrix CIY, which adds major review and processing capabilities. Version 4 is the culmination of more than three years of continuous development and is already being used by clients.

CIY™ stands for Control it Yourself™, a term used by CDS to describe the melding of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) level of control with the robust infrastructure and support services from Complete Discovery Source.

Nytrix CIY 4 integrates processing and review into a single, cloud-based litigation support platform. It has been built specifically to address client demands for cost-reduction and cost certainty, scalability, and improved performance — in a simple-to-use but powerful tool.

COO Garrett Bendel commented, "We support a number of highly effective e-discovery tools, but our clients wanted more choices. We work closely with them to determine and customize the right solution for their needs. Nytrix presents some distinct advantages over other platforms, and we are really excited to get this latest version in front of people."

Because Nytrix CIY 4 is cloud-based, the platform requires zero capital expense and relies on the heavily fortified and supported CDS infrastructure. The software is fully accessible over the cloud and allows for import, export and review through any web browser and on multiple platforms including PC, Mac, even Linux. Nytrix presents advanced cloud and application security, with SSH User Authentication and role-based security levels among its security arsenal. One of the most notable and well-received features of the Nytrix tool is its friendly and intuitive graphical dashboard, which allows for the control and monitoring of every aspect of the review process at a glance.

The Nytrix processing engine is built for speed and big datasets. It is fully integrated into the tool and can handle virtually any size project via multiple node distributed processing. Its integration provides both efficiency and ease of use with as few as three mouse clicks from processing and review. The processing results are review-ready. As batches of data are processed, reviewers can begin immediately and do not lose critical time loading data into a separate tool. The advanced review tool provides a number of innovative features including horizontally scalable search for large datasets and annotations and redactions that do not require the creation of separate TIFF images, among others. Three hundred file types are supported. CDS will provide online and in-person briefings to highlight and demonstrate the Nytrix CIY 4 platform, by request. Interested parties should or call (855) 813-0700. Additional information can be found on the CDS web site,