UBIC Celebrates NASDAQ Listing On August 5

Tuesday, August 13, 2013 - 10:45

UBIC, Inc. (TSE: 2158; NASDAQ: UBIC), a provider of strategic international litigation support and forensic solutions, rang the Closing Bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City on August 5, celebrating UBIC’s listing on the NASDAQ Global Market. The event was followed by a joint press conference. UBIC was welcomed to the NASDAQ MarketSite by NASDAQ Vice President David Wicks, who noted that UBIC is the first Japanese company to be listed on NASDAQ after Internet Initiative Japan in 1999, a span of 14 years.

In his remarks at the Closing Bell ceremony, UBIC Chairman and CEO Masahiro Morimoto said his company came to the United States to help protect Asian corporations and to assist in upholding the American ideals of justice and fairness.

“Our listing on NASDAQ is a step toward achieving these goals,” Mr. Morimoto said. “UBIC has a mission as a provider of e-discovery support solutions out of Asia: we seek to level the global playing field so that Asian companies can compete with their Western counterparts on a truly even footing.”

The celebration of UBIC’s listing culminated in Mr. Morimoto ringing the Closing Bell, signifying the end of the trading day at the all-electronic stock market. Speaking for the NASDAQ, Mr. Wicks said that he was very happy to welcome UBIC as the first listing for a Japanese corporation in more than a decade. He added that he hoped the listing would spark further growth for UBIC in its global markets. The NASDAQ ceremony was followed by a celebratory reception at UBIC’s New York office on Fifth Avenue.

At this event, Mr. Morimoto articulated his vision for growing UBIC’s brand and business and listed three reasons why UBIC decided to list on the NASDAQ Global Market: 1) to improve UBIC’s brand awareness in the U.S.; 2) to level the playing field for Asian corporations and their international law firms; and 3) to establish UBIC as a truly global company and a leader in the U.S.

The e-discovery market is growing an average of 15 percent per year, according to Transparency Market Research, which projects that e-discovery will be a US$10 billion industry by 2017. Meanwhile, UBIC’s proprietary, integrated e-discovery platform, Lit i View is being upgraded continuously, with new versions released quarterly.

Lit i View incorporates UBIC’s advanced predictive coding technology, which is the only machine-learning technology tailored to accurately analyze Asian-language documents. Lit i View is being used to improve the accuracy of the discovery process in cases involving Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages while keeping costs to a minimum.