Contract Management Leader Business Integrity Releases ContractExpress For SharePoint 4.3

Friday, February 1, 2013 - 16:00


In ContractExpress for SharePoint 4.3, the new approval engine is optimized for the contracting process, supporting ad-hoc, sequential and parallel approvals driven by document data.

“This is more than just an incremental release. We revamped the entire approval engine and added enhanced support for outside party paper to match the sophistication and complexity of modern enterprises,” added Andrew Wishart, chief technology officer at Business Integrity.

ContractExpress for SharePoint 4.3 includes first-class support for document completeness. Completeness acts as a gateway that determines which contract requests provide sufficient information and are ready for approval – virtually eliminating incomplete requests and reducing risk. Version 4.3 also provides users with a new contract record view that consolidates item information such as approvals, attachments and metadata on one screen.