Thomson Reuters Announces Launch Of Matter-Centric Concourse

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 17:19

Thomson Reuters has announced the launch of Thomson Reuters Concourse, a powerful new matter-centric suite of integrated tools and information designed expressly for corporate counsel and the law firms that support them. Concourse is cloud-based and built around an intuitive dashboard, and provides an integrated, collaborative platform to support the mission-critical functions of the corporate legal department.

Whether a law department is large or small, Concourse connects both its legal practice and business operations together like never before. The suite offers a holistic approach to connecting the key tools, people and data that corporate counsel rely on.

Concourse ( is part of a stable of new products recently introduced by Thomson Reuters. According to President of Thomson Reuters Legal Mike Suchsland, these products showcase a new vision for how the business approaches product design and engages customers. “At the heart of legal workflow is the matter – it is the central organizing principle for how a lawyer spends his or her day, uses our products, interacts with clients and engages with the legal system,” Suchsland said. “Thomson Reuters Concourse and the other workflow solutions we’re introducing support a matter-centric workflow. They’re cloud-based, so they’re mobile, secure and sync across all the devices attorneys today use in their work, as well as integrated and highly collaborative.”

The role of the general counsel has grown in scope and complexity as companies navigate myriad regulatory, environmental, financial and operational gauntlets – and the legal issues that commonly accompany them. Thomson Reuters Concourse is a next-generation platform composed of purpose-built integrated tools that streamline law department operations, including matter-centric collaboration with outside counsel, as well as the practice of law.

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