Kiersted Introduces New Technology To Radically Improve Review Management

Friday, September 7, 2012 - 09:33


Kiersted is known in legal circles for building processes, utilities and software to improve efficiency in e-discovery, but when it comes to conducting high-quality reviews, people are still an essential part of the process. Kiersted True Review is a new technology solution designed to give corporate legal departments and law firms a true picture of each reviewer’s productivity, efficiency and accuracy, with real-time metrics that can help improve accuracy and control costs. Integrated directly into Relativity, this custom application is available to Kiersted clients at no extra charge.

The cost of review can be staggering, as much as five times more than processing. As electronic data grows at a rate of 40 percent per year, clients need to put processes and controls in place to promote efficiency.

"There are certainly ways to effectively lower costs for document review," explains Andre Guilbeau, executive vice president at Kiersted. "One is to simply reduce the number of documents put into review, which is what we’ve done with software like Kiersted Direct. Another is to closely monitor the human aspect of review — the people. True Review is designed to do just that. This product will give clients insights into their reviews they have never had before."

Kiersted True Review allows clients to monitor individual and group performance, compare accuracy and efficiency among individual reviewers, and quickly identify and resolve issues before they become big problems. For example, if one reviewer’s daily document per hour (DPH) rate is significantly lower than the rest of the group, users can track which documents were under review by that individual, check their productivity rate with True Time, which automatically compares logged-in minutes to active minutes, and speak directly with the reviewer to address any training issues. Users can also assess overall or individual document overturn rates (when a document was originally coded one way, then overturned later in the review). This allows them to quickly identify problems and make adjustments to improve reviewer accuracy.

Project managers can drill down to assess individual performance or use the dashboard feature to quickly see big-picture items, such as the percentage of documents reviewed and overall progress toward a deadline. The dashboard’s built-in calculator lets users enter their own variables –  hours per day, number of reviewers, or days for review – to determine how different values will affect their project cost and duration.

Kiersted True Review also makes it easier to keep projects on track by automatically notifying users when goals they enter are not met. The Review Alerts feature lets project managers enter their own criteria – for example, the number of documents reviewed per day or per hour, or individual accuracy rates – and then issues an alert or sends an email when results fall below the pre-set benchmarks.



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