ZyLAB Introduces The First E-Discovery Software System To Search Audio

Monday, May 2, 2011 - 01:00

ZyLAB has announced the release of its state-of-the-art ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle, a desktop software product used to quickly identify relevant audio clips from multimedia files and from ubiquitous business tools such as fixed-line telephone, VOIP, mobile, and specialist platforms like Skype or MSN Live. The intuitive software enables technical and non-technical users involved in legal disputes, forensics, law enforcement, and lawful data interception to search, review and analyze audio data with the same ease as more traditional forms of Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

"For the Enron case, nearly a dozen FBI analysts spent 3 months transcribing 2,800 hours of audio so they could search for key phrases in the transcript," recalls Johannes C. Scholtes, chairman and chief strategy officer for ZyLAB. Written text, such as transcripts from audio recordings, cannot fully convey intent, nuance or emotion, which are only discernable by human listeners. Additionally, speech-to-text technology is generally limited to dictionary entries. In contrast, the ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle transforms audio recordings into a phonetic representation of the way in which words are pronounced so that investigators can search not only for dictionary terms, but also proper names, company names, or brands without the need to "re-ingest" the data.

With the ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle, forensic investigators and attorneys can identify and collect audio recordings from various sources with far greater efficiency and effectiveness than was ever possible with manual processing. The software supports multiple search techniques simultaneously. The fast, iterative search helps to reduce the size of the data set and the costs for review.

The ZyLAB Audio Search Bundle supports all industry-standard audio formats, including G711, GSM6.10, MP3 and WMA, as well as the audio component of video files. The bundle uses a fraction of the hardware required by traditional solutions and complements existing toolsets and processes, extending the capability and reach of investigators.For information contact ZyLAB at (866) 995-2262 or info@zylab.com.