Clifford Chance Rolls Out Recommind's Enterprise Search Solution

Monday, May 3, 2010 - 01:00

Recommind has announced that Clifford Chance, one of the world's leading law firms, has deployed Recommind's MindServer Search to enable lawyers to work more efficiently by providing them with instant access to the information they need. The solution has been successfully deployed to 23 offices, including the London, Paris, Amsterdam, Americas and Asia offices, and will now be rolled out across all remaining Clifford Chance offices, covering 29 offices in 20 countries. The search solution enables more than 6,000 employees to efficiently and effectively search all of the firm's global knowledge systems to locate relevant documents, subject matter experts or previous client engagements that relate to their research topic.

Clifford Chance selected Recommind's MindServer Search following a competitive tender and proof of concept. The solution was then piloted in Amsterdam and during this period more than 75 percent of potential users accessed the solution, with 97 percent agreeing that it offered significant improvements over the firm's previous search systems. As additional offices have come online, user adoption has been equally high confirming the need for a comprehensive search infrastructure.

The solution, named CC Search, is accessed from the organization-wide intranet. When performing a search, results are first targeted to the lawyer's location, but can easily be expanded to also include information from the rest of the firm that is appropriate to the individual's role, specialization, client and sector focus. Using CC Search, lawyers at Clifford Chance can quickly access information stored both on the global intranet and knowledge collection, client transaction bibles, publications and transactions databases.