KPMG's Client Version Of E-Discovery Program

Monday, May 4, 2009 - 01:00

KPMG LLP has unveiled a client version of its File Preservation Program (FPP) for organizations who use the audit, tax and advisory firm as their preferred e-discovery provider. KPMG, a Socha-Gelbmann-rated top provider of e-discovery services, said the client version will help bring targeted Electronically Stored Information (ESI) preservation and collection efforts in-house to reduce cost and manage risk.

Key features of FPP include the capability to perform targeted collections rather than full forensic images, typically reducing the amount of non-relevant data collected and placed under preservation hold. Since FPP can access all files visible on the custodian system, ESI from multiple sources can be collected in one session and packaged into one container. FPP collections also can be performed over the Internet, which can save travel-related costs for collection teams.

FPP maintains file metadata and provides robust tracking logs that can easily be uploaded into an evidence tracking database. FPP also identifies messages that are encrypted, and can collect those messages in an unencrypted form using the decryption keys already present on the custodian's computer. All data collected by FPP is encrypted during packaging to reduce exposure and mitigate risk related to the potential compromise of data during transit.