Letter From The President Of The South/Central Texas Chapter Of The Association Of Corporate Counsel

2006-06-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel :

Texas corporations are hiring more attorneys to work in-house than in past years. One incentive for corporations to increase the number of in-house attorneys is cost-savings. Another motivation may be the perceived value of having counsel better understand and focus on the corporation's business and goals. Some outside counsel has also grown more expensive due to highly paid new associates and new law firm marketing departments, making business executives reexamine the economy of bringing their most effective attorneys in-house.

A Common Perspective. The growing in-house legal community has found support from fellow in-house attorneys in groups such as the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC). The ACC Chapter for South and Central Texas provides networking opportunities for in-house attorneys to communicate about legal and law department management issues. ACC also provides a monthly meeting/luncheon at the Plaza Club in San Antonio, Texas, where a legal expert in a particular field presents a one-hour CLE topic that is specific to in-house law practice. There is also an important social component of networking with other in-house attorneys about their lives, jobs, and current legal issues.

Giving Back to the Community. With the increased growth of the ACC Chapter, there is an interest in working together as a team to contribute to the community. The in-house counsel from different companies volunteered under the name ACC to provide pro bono legal services to the Community Justice Program (CJP) at the Wesley Community Center. With the help of the San Antonio Bar Association, ACC members walked bravely out of corporate boardrooms and into the uncharted territories of family and real estate law. With the help of board certified mentors, ACC helped dozens of clients with legal problems. The pro bono work was successful and rewarding, which has inspired the group to work on another pro bono project scheduled for September of 2006.

For more information regarding attending ACC meetings and membership, please contact Amber Clark, the Executive Director of the South/Central Texas Chapter of ACC, at asouthcentral@yahoo.com or go to www.acc.com.


Lee Cusenbary