Letter From A Member Of The Board of Directors Of The New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association And Liaison Of The Joint NJCCA-NJDA Initiative

2005-11-01 01:00

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

Among its many benefits, NJCCA membership enables in-house attorneys to exchange perspectives on issues, such as litigation defense, that impact their companies' bottom line.

Recently, I was approached by the President of the New Jersey Defense Association (NJDA), Linda Pissott Reig, to serve as a liaison between the two groups. The NJDA is an organization composed of New Jersey defense attorneys and insurance professionals who devote a substantial portion of their time to the defense of damage suits and claims. The joint NJCAA-NJDA initiative, launched this year, will provide a variety of continuing legal education and other opportunities for the organizations' members to interact with each other in formal and informal settings. A free one-year membership is available to any NJCCA member who registers with the NJDA in 2005.

On November 22, the first joint NJDA-NJCCA continuing legal education event will take place at the Woodbridge Hilton in Iselin. This half-day event will feature presentations by outside counsel with a range of experience in litigation defense, as well as in-house corporate counsel who will offer an "insider's" perspective. Topics on the agenda include "Recent Developments Affecting the Confidentiality of Documents," "Electronic Discovery," "Document Retention Policies," and "Alternative Dispute Resolution." I encourage all New Jersey in-house counsel to attend this exciting inaugural event.

Opportunities also exist for NJCCA members to submit articles to the NJDA's newsletter and to attend the organization's annual convention. I attended this past year's convention in Cambridge, MD with my family, and it was both fun and a good opportunity to meet other corporate counsel and outside lawyers. The convention this coming year is to be held toward the end of June at the Amelia Island Plantation near Jacksonville, FL and should be equally enjoyable and worthwhile.

NJCCA's joint initiatives with organizations such as the NJDA serve the important function of bringing together outside counsel and their corporate clients in non-traditional settings so as to encourage communication between the two groups. As a former law firm associate and current in-house attorney, I have seen things from both sides of the fence. Bringing outside and in-house attorneys together is a win-win situation for all concerned.

Further information about NJCCA can be found at www.acca.com, and about NJDA at www.njdefense.com. For information about registration fees and other logistics for the joint NJCCA-NJDA inaugural event, contact NJCCA's Executive Director Barbara Walder at njcca41@aol.com.


Joseph M. Aronds