A Letter From The Executive Director Of The New Jersey Association of Corporate Counsel

2014-07-02 10:43

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

You might be at your desk knee deep in research for a client who is opening a business in Japan and needs to start an in-house legal practice there to correspond and work with its New York office. You are lost. You have no clue where to turn. And then you realize that there is a program available titled: “Development of In-House Practice in Japan.” Who would have thought there was such a program available?

The Association of Corporate Counsel, of course. For those of you in the metropolitan area, the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association is here for you. We understand the needs of in-house counsel and are here to help you fill your toolbox with all you need to build an outstanding legal department. We have resources available for you in any and all topics that pertain to in-house counsel available at your fingertips 24/7. In addition to ACC Headquarters, locally we provide CLE-accredited educational programs on diverse topics, networking opportunities and events, job opportunity postings, and the availability of all of the resources of our international organization. We also hold an annual golf outing, spring cocktail reception, all-day CLE conference, annual dinner, diversity summit, charity book wrap event and charity backpack event. The ACC Jobline currently has nearly 1,000 job postings, and our ACC connections allow you to tap into any resources available to in-house counsel, from white papers to webinars, to articles, to research, to contract forms and more.

As a global bar association, our mission is to promote the common professional and business interests of in-house counsel who work for corporations, associations and other private-sector organizations through information, education, networking opportunities and advocacy initiatives. Our vision is to be the premier global bar association serving the diversified needs of in-house counsel by anticipating and understanding your needs, helping our members deliver efficient services, promoting the value of in-house services, and delivering a mix of relevant, timely services. Our values at the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association align with our entire Association’s values, and one of the most important ones is our responsibility to our members. We strive to develop programs that you want and to respond to your needs. We foster excellence among in-house practitioners, advance the highest ethical standards governing the practice of law, promote diversity and inclusiveness, encourage public and pro bono service, and foster a sense of collegiality to facilitate networking and interaction among in-house counsel. We foster professionalism, openness, and candor among members. We care about others and continue to offer charity outreach programs and pro bono work for our communities. We believe in giving back and helping others.

Join us. Be the best in-house counsel you can be.


             Leslie Paige Wolfson