Letter From The Section Chairs Of The Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

2013-08-16 15:37
Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

Though our population is smaller than that of the United States, Canada’s large land mass makes getting together a challenge, which is where the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association (CCCA) Section Network comes in.

The CCCA Sections act as the backbone of this association, bringing together in-house counsel in 11 different regions to share ideas, learn from one another, and make valuable professional connections. Whether you’re working as an in-house counsel at a university in Atlantic Canada, a bank in Toronto’s Financial District, an oilsands company in Alberta, for the federal government or for a smaller municipality, there is a CCCA community of like-minded professionals in your region.

The CCCA’s programs and events are first-rate, and many are offered regularly at a regional level by the Sections. These local professional development offerings ensure that in-house counsel in every area of the country are on the cutting edge of this profession. Additionally, program topics are often customized for a particular Section’s region, focussing on the industries, regulations and challenges most common to that area of Canada.

We are the only in-house counsel association to represent and support all of Canada’s communities, providing members coast to coast with equal access to networking, learning and career development opportunities.


The CCCA Section Chairs:

Karen Hollett, Newfoundland & Labrador; Penny Harding, Nova Scotia; Tyler Langdon, New Brunswick & PEI; Frédéric Pérodeau, Québec; Stephen Rotstein, Ontario; Nick Slonosky, Manitoba; Sheldon Stener, Saskatchewan North; Terry Jordan, Saskatchewan South; Keely Brown and Dena Mitchell, Alberta North; Lawna Hurl, Alberta South; and Wendy King, British Columbia.