Letter From The President Of The New York County Lawyers’ Association

2013-04-19 15:31


To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

Are you considering joining the New York County Lawyers’ Association? One of the many reasons why members join NYCLA is because they’re looking to build and shape their careers. Knowing where you’d ultimately like to land is a great strategic step in taking control of your career. What are your long term career aspirations? Do you want to eventually become a judge or perhaps work as in-house counsel? Do you want to become a prosecutor or criminal defense lawyer? Depending on your personal career goals, there are many things you’ll need to do along the way to ready yourself for the position you desire. 

Regardless of your career aspirations, once you join NYCLA, you can get involved in the Association’s committees or sections to get the up close and personal view of life on the street in your chosen practice area, and to get to know, and become known by, leaders in your field. Our In House/Outside Counsel Committee provides a forum in which in-house counsel from businesses and not-for-profit organizations can interact with law firm practitioners. The focus of the group is on the dissemination and sharing of information and best practices, as well as the discussion of corporate issues, litigation strategies, legislative agendas, and regulatory and policy issues that impact in-house lawyers. There are also a variety of other committees and sections – with nearly 60 in total – and they are all open to any member who wants to join and participate. 

Once you uncover the “who’s who and what’s what” of your chosen career path, the next step is to identify and build skills that will get you to the next level in your career. In the May issue of NYCLA’s newspaper, the New York County Lawyer, which can be read online via nycla.org, you’ll find career advice from a host of experts. We hope that you find their tips valuable and informative as you face new situations and set out to better approach situations that you have encountered before. Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, executive consultant and CEO of ECM Executive Consulting, provides stress management tips for lawyers, advice she draws from her personal experience – 14 years she spent as a lawyer in private practice before founding ECM. Meanwhile, the paper features an article by Maria Guida of Successful Speaker, Inc., a Broadway actress, executive performance strategist at Fortune 500 companies, and corporate/television spokesperson. Guida helps corporate executives enhance their credibility and speak with poise, passion, and persuasive power, and perhaps her tips will help you tune your speaking skills.

As of the end of May, my term as president of NYCLA will come to a close. And as such, this is my last letter to you as president of the Association.  It’s been a privilege to share the latest information from the Association each month in this column.


Stewart D. Aaron