Letter From The President Of The New York County Lawyers’ Association

2013-01-18 13:28

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

There is an increasing demand for lawyers in certain practice areas of the legal industry, with many legal professionals specializing in particular practice areas. The New York County Lawyers’ Association hosts various programs and events to help lawyers learn about “hot” topics in “hot” legal practice areas, and provides insights to assist you in learning about emerging topics to help shape your practice. The February issue of NYCLA’s newspaper, the New York County Lawyer, covers several of these “hot” practice areas and “hot” topics within them.

According to the American Bar Association’s What’s Hot and What’s Not in the Legal Profession Trends Report, one such “hot” practice area is health care. In a story in this issue of the newspaper, a member of NYCLA’s Health Law Committee covers basic employment rights and advice for cancer patients, a “hot topic” in this “hot” practice area. According to the author,Unfortunately for many, the reality is that even with leave afforded under the Family Medical Leave Act, patients may need to work through part or all of their battle with cancer in order to maintain their employment, health insurance and income. To add insult to injury, many cancer patients face discrimination in the workplace that can be intolerable or even lead to termination, whether legal or not.” Looking to break into this area? Check out the newspaper on nycla.org and learn how lawyers can counsel clients with cancer to make the experience more bearable and in turn help them avoid certain pitfalls in the workplace.

Meanwhile, the matrimonial practice area is another that has experienced growth in recent years. On the cover of the February issue, NYCLA’s Matrimonial Section Co-Chair Briana Denney and her business partner, Louis Newman, cover how to set expectations around spousal support. They address the questions matrimonial attorneys hear from clients on this topic and DRL § 236(B)(5-a), enacted by the New York State legislature, which establishes specific presumptions as to both spousal support and counsel fees. Another emerging topic in matrimonial practice is same-sex marriage, with important U.S. Supreme Court arguments on this issue happening in March. In December, at the 2012 NYCLA Annual Dinner, the New York legal community celebrated LGBT equality and honored corporations and law firms that have demonstrated a commitment to LGBT equality. Flip to page 8 of the paper to see photos from this very special event.

Other practice areas in demand for legal professionals include international law, banking and intellectual property. Stay tuned for more on hot topics in these industries in next month’s issue of the New York County Lawyer. Learn more about “hot” topics in “hot” practice areas at NYCLA’s upcoming events and CLE courses. Consider becoming a member – visit nycla.org/joinus to learn more. In the meanwhile, Tweet me @NYCLAPres and share what “hot” practices you are noticing in the legal world and what “hot” topics you see emerging. 


Stewart D. Aaron