Letter From The President Of The New York County Lawyers’ Association

2012-11-26 10:00


To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

As the new year approaches, consider making a resolution to positively impact the community and the legal profession. The legal profession can help make society a better place for ourselves and others to work and live.

What can we do to protect the environment as we deal with the data explosion we all are experiencing in our everyday lives and in our legal practices? The scope of e-discovery is ever increasing, along with the capacities of our servers and computers. This inevitably can lead to data often being printed out on thousands and thousands of pieces of paper - with the attendant waste of natural resources. Many of us have already gone paperless, but there is still much room for improvement both in the court systems, as well as in our law offices. As global citizens, it is incumbent upon us to reduce the paper documents and the copies that we make every day. Next time before you hit “print,” consider whether you really need a hard copy of that document, or whether you just as easily can read it on your computer screen or other mobile device. Ask the judge in your document-intensive case whether you can submit voluminous exhibits on a CD or DVD, instead of in hard copy form.

Consider what you can do to preserve the planet and its resources for our children and grandchildren. Tweet me @NYCLAPres and share how you are making efforts to be more socially responsible. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a successful year ahead.


Stewart D. Aaron