Letter From The President Of The New York County Lawyers’ Association

2012-03-21 13:36

To The Readers Of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel:

New issues in the legal field are constantly emerging – within the legal industry as a whole, within each practice area and within each geographic community. With this, new subjects are brought to light, which in turn provide new learning opportunities for the legal community. Here at NYCLA, we aim to keep our members informed about “hot topics” by sharing information about such topics through our publications, CLE courses, workshops, and events to keep members up-to-date so they can best represent clients.

For example, with more and more aspects of life and business being done online these days, developments involving cybersecurity issues are changing at an explosive rate. Those interested in this topic can benefit from NYCLA’s April 24 CLE, during which the Cyberspace Committee will explore the recent developments affecting cybersecurity. The course will include a discussion of real world case studies; examination of current technology trends and their current and impending erosion of Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections; recent guidance from the courts, FTC and other regulatory bodies; the impact of major federal and private information security laws and regulations; and more.

Another emerging issue on which NYCLA has focused recently is how state and federal judicial budget cuts are affecting New Yorkers’ access to justice. Our Task Force on Judicial Budget Cuts, chaired by Hon. Stephen G. Crane and past NYCLA president Michael Miller has conducted a survey, held a public hearing and issued reports highlighting the problems serious budget cuts have imposed on litigants, lawyers, and court personnel.

I encourage you to visit nycla.org to join our network of more than 9,000 attorneys, judges, academics and law school students to help you further explore whichever emerging issue you’re interested in. As a member you can take advantage of courses, workshops, and events that will provide you with insight into emerging issues within the legal industry as a whole, within your practice area and within the New York community. In the meanwhile, please share with me what hot button issues you’re talking about by tweeting me @NYCLAPres.


Stewart D. Aaron